CHP's Mission and Vision

CHP's Mission is to unify its member organizations, Cayuga Medical Center and Cayuga Area Physicians Alliance, in the pursuit of high quality, accessible, and cost-effective healthcare for the population of patients we serve.

CHP's Vision is to be a responsive and clinically integrated network that is known for superior patient experience, health outcomes, accessibility, and cost effectiveness.

CHP is chosen by:

• PATIENTS - For the high quality care they receive

• PHYSICIANS - For a collaborative and patient-focused environment

• EMPLOYERS - For a healthier workforce

• PAYERS - For a collaborative relationship

Clinical Integration (CI) Overview:

Clinical integration is, at its heart, a health care philosophy that focuses on bringing together a network of healthcare providers who work closely with each other to facilitate the improvement and coordination of patient care, and share responsibility across different settings. A clinically integrated network (CIN) is the infrastructure that supports clinical integration; it allows the community’s independent physicians to come together as a unit.

Characteristics of an effective clinically integrated network include:

• A well-defined governance structure that is physician led and physician driven
• Using evidence based medicine to identify and implement best practices for patient care
• Utilization of IT resources to collect data, evaluate performance, implement and monitor workflows, and facilitate population health initiatives
• Evaluation of physician performance